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Human Resource Development

Bangladesh is now poised to accumulate demographic dividend by using its working-age population. The Government has allocated around 24 percent of the annual budget to the HRD related sectors, such as-Education and Technology, Health and Family Welfare, Women and Children, Social Welfare, Youth and Sports development, Culture, Labour and Employment and so on. Various programmes including the adoption of the Education Policy 2010 have been undertaken to create skilled and competent Human Resources for the country by enhancing the quality of education and increasing accessibility to Secondary and Higher Secondary, Technical and all tiers of higher education.

As one of the most essential part of RDF’s thematic areas of (a) Social Development, (b) Economic Empowerment, (c) Resilience to Climate Change, aware and skilled human resource development is adopted as one of the most vital component in all sectors.

RDF beliefs that in order to change lives and livelihoods of the poorest and climate change vulnerable population of Bangladesh, it is necessary to bring positive changes in “Knowledge, Attitude and Practices”. To do so, along with behavioural changes and for economic empowerment of the community, necessary skills training are necessary. These skills includes both software (KAP related). and hardware, like Technical Training to become a climate resilient community also to have Technical Skills to compete the upcoming 4th Industrical Revolutions (4IR) requirements, including, Computer Skills Development, Automobile, Electronic Works, Climate Smart Agriculture and Managing Solar Irrigation Pumping Systems, etc..

Under the Human Resource Development Component, RDF works seriously in improving the capacity of its employees and also, with similar importance, to provide technical skills training to the beneficiaries, specially the youths of the community.

RDF has its own, well-equipped, ten storied Training Center for the staff and beneficiaries training from were mainly the project oriented trainings (Software and semi-skills development) are imparted. For the Technical Trainings, RDF links with the government TVET, TTCs facilities, organizes “Industrial Attachments” and organizes Training through “Mentor-Mentee” approach. 

During last five years, RDF has equipped about 10,000 youths with technical skills who are now employed by others (industries/business avenues) and/or self-employed.