+8802-9104643, +8801733065522

+8802-9104643, +8801733065522

+8802-9104643, +8801733065522

Economic Empowerment

As of 2022, RDF were successful in:

Creating Access to Finance:

A total of 263,611 families (out of which 91.94%, 242,375 were women) have overcome from ultra-poor status (had per capita income to more than US$ 2 per day before) by creating access to client protected financial services. The program has also successfully developed 169000 women entrepreneurs with skills training and financial support.

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Linking with Social Safety Net Program

Under this component, during last three years, RDF has informed 30,000 women, in three districts of Barishal division (Central South of Bangladesh) about the types and ways to have access to different types of social safety net programs of Bangladesh government, like widow allowances, allowance for persons with disabilities, VGD/VGF support program, etc.

Supporting the Communities during Emergency

RDF has emerged from the devastating experience of severe cyclone of 1991.

RDF is greatly present in the Central South and Southwest part of Bangladesh  which the most climate vulnerable zone of the country.

We do

Early Warning

Emergency Rescue

Emergency Shelter

Emergency Relief Support

Early Recovery Initiatives.

Safe Guarding during Emergency