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Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights and Ending Early Marriage in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh till now, about 51% (about 38 million) young women are married under 18 years of age and about 22% (about 13 million) are married under the age of 15. There are many socio-economic factors compelling such young women to be married before 18 years of age. As a result the ultimate consequences (health and well-being related) are obvious.

Bangladesh government has its “National Adolescent Reproductive Health Strategy (2017-2030) in place, but still now, discussing Adolescent Reproductive Health Issues is almost impossible mainly in the rural areas of Bangladesh with age adolescents of 10-18 years of age. RDF works for “Breaking the Silence” together to all stakeholders.

The projects implemented by RDF, in 2022, RDF with its influencing interventions was able to achieve the following outcomes.

Outcome 1: Retention of girls in school

  • 40 secondary schools, including madrassahs and TVET institutions will be supported to strengthen the implementation of ‘Safe, Inclusive and Girls-friendly schools’
  • 2,160 out-of-school children receive accelerated or alternative basic education
  • 390 educational staff will be trained in code of conduct and inclusive pedagogy


Outcome 2: Knowledge of sexual and reproductive health and rights among adolescents

  • 108,890 adolescents have knowledge of quality SRHR and prevented themselves from early or forced marraige
  • 320 educational staff and trainers are trained on SRHR
  • 1891 traditional initiators, parents or relevant local actors receive training on SRHR